Bolon 2017 Special Edition

A unique and iconic style combining a retro and contemporary design. High-level craftsmanship with the “destructured” techniques using the double lenses. For a trendy and unique fashion look.
“To me BOLON represents fashion, elegance and style. I like my style to be real and approachable, to reflect what I feel like doing that day.
Be real, be unique, that’s my style, that’s my BOLON Eyewear.
When choosing sunglasses, I think about quality, lightness, comfort and style. This is what BOLON is offering.”
Anne Hathaway


My Style, My Bolon

We at Visique Eye Spy, believe that eye wear is a form of individual expression.

Bolon's designs, aim to inspire women and men with unique, modern and fashionable looks, tailored to your specific style and providing you a way to express your personality.

Fashion, design and quality

Bolon's vision is simple, to create an excellent product that is fashionable, and of premium quality. Bolon selects the best eyewear materials for durability, lightness and comfort. This is what Bolon offers in every frame. Quality and style is never compromised.

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